The versatile superstructure for tough operating conditions gives you the perfect balance between size and performance. With 360-degree rotation and a sliding function with this unit, you can handle every situation you are exposed to.


  • anti-slip pads
  • towing fork in Z-metal design
  • side support legs in the shape of A
  • 2 x 25t reel
  • set of fork holders and 4 sets of fork holders
  • safety chains, safety box chains
  • manual control by the driver
  • air outlet 12V / 24V

Optional equipment

  • complete remote control
  • partial remote control
  • 2 additional winches, each 20t, mounted on the arm or front support legs
  • tunnel box with a width of 609, 762, 914, 1219 or 1828mm
  • rear control
  • extra frame saw
  • single and double goggles
  • complete release kit
  • aluminum / metal design
  • Primed under the topcoat
  • front and rear winch
  • XP, X-side thrust
  • steel rope with steel core
  • chrome railing
  • control box for vehicle cab
  • LED work lights
  • tool box lighting

NOTE: Axle configuration is subject to local laws and regulations. All information in this document is for reference purposes only. Configurations are optional.

Lifting equipment specification

Load on retracted fork: 25t at 2100mm
Load on extended fork: 8t at 3650mm
Negative tilt angle -10 °
Maximum tensile force: 120t

Recommendations for the vehicle

Axle load front axle: 2x8t
Axle load – rear axle: 2x15t
Recommended tire size: R24
Length from cab end to rear axle center: 6800mm

Arm specification

Lifting force at retracted arm (at 65 °) 70t
Lifting force with extended arm (at 65 °) 20t
Maximum lifting angle: 65 °
Maximum hook height: 13950mm
Arm length extended at 0 ° angle: 7050mm

Winch specification

Number and tractive power 2x25t main winch
(1st row) 2x10t side winch
1x22t rear winch
Rope: 22mmx60m main winch
19mmx60m side winch
19mmx60m rear winch

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