The Work Horse

The INT-5 is a real work horse. It will give you the power and performance you need for daily operations and ask for more. It is designed to be reliable and economical.


The Work Horse

Tow Trucks’   INT-16 is the best of both worlds. You can handle big trucks without having to ignore light duty vehicles and passenger cars. This unit will quickly become..


Maneuverability and capacity

Combining maneuverability and heavy capacity, the INT-30 is one of the best units to work with everyday, anywhere. This unit  ..


Easy Heavy Duty Calls

Our INT-35 unit is an everyday heavy wrecker ideal for every job from a tractor trailer to recovery calls. This unit will spend little time in your yard … 


Experience the power

The INT-60 is a massive towing unit. It is the king of the INT series. It combines tough towing and recovery performance for the most demanding jobs. Designed for….


Extreme practicality

Our MDTU-20 is an amazing piece of equipment. Imagine no more large towing bills for your company. Need a quick tow? Simple, lock it on one of your..


Heavy lifting to go

The MDTU-35 is the larger version of the 20. With a two stage boom and two winches, it can help you out of difficult situations. The low cost of the unit makes it a no brainer to own. It will..


High Speed and Volume!

Our SL-3 is specifically designed for impounders and repossessors. The low profile scoops allow for picking up any vehicles. The 90° swivel allows for grabbing..